What to Expect From the Waec Expo Series

Who says that the waec expo is only for those who can speak eloquently? It is not for those who are great with numbers. The real intrigue behind the expo is not its sheer number of participants, but the quality of questions that are asked. This may be a test or a simple questionnaire, but either way the questions put forward are important to the running of the show. As in any other contest, the best among the lot usually wins. Let us see what contestants should expect from the waec expo.

Lagos: 127 candidates to write entrance exam in CBT — Daily Times Nigeria

The subject matter of the questions at the expo varies depending on the competition that is under way. The Bachelor of Science degree candidates will be expected to tackle such hard core subjects as algebra, biology, chemistry and physics. There are also some other lesser known subjects that may be asked such as algebra, statistics, and calculus. These are the subjects where the candidates will need to be well versed and prepared. The Bachelor of Science candidates who fail to deliver their answers on time could be at risk of being disqualified. 2021 Waec expo

The Science of Health Science areas cover the different aspects of health care. A clear example is the AIDS health science area which requires candidates to answer multiple questions dealing with issues like drugs, alcohol and safety. They will also be required to discuss how safe it is to use AIDS drugs. Those in the agriculture science and farming science fields need not despair as there are plenty of subjects that they can excel in. These include subjects such as nutrition, agriculture, insect science, microbiology, physiology, veterinary science and the business and market administration areas of health science.

In case of the Bachelor of Arts (B.A) section, the expectations are slightly different. The Beauty, Fashion & Lace Area will not be so demanding since the Beauty, Fashion & Lace subjects are actually optional. But the Beauty, Fashion & Lace sections will require more critical thinking and analytical skills. If you are looking forward to get water expo results in the Beauty, Fashion & Lace area, then you should take the French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish as your major subjects. Other possible subjects include film studies, ethnic studies, ethnobotanical, literature, humanities, photography, animation, digital art, video, and film studies.

When answering the practicals section of the exam, you can either choose to complete one of the three sets of questionnaires or you can submit your answers in response to a particular question. There is a time limit of three minutes for each question so you have to make sure that you give precise answers to every question. It is recommended that you study the questions before you come and take the test so that you get a fair idea of how the questions are worded. The practicals section of the web runs 2021 questions based on the scientific principles that govern health, beauty and the environment.

The actual exam time is not fixed, since some students may arrive early whereas others may arrive late. Students who attend the Expo with prior notice to get an extra few hours of class time in addition to other special features like LCD screens, multimedia sessions and wi-fi internet access. Students who do not attend the Expo with proper notice or fail to appear in time to get a failing mark. Hence it becomes very important to keep an eye on the timings of the Expo so that you do not miss out on the best opportunity to study and learn.

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